Saturday, 6 September 2014

Carrie's Book Club! (September)

I've got something a little different for you today. A week or so ago I joined Carrie Fletcher's book club when I ordered this month's "reader's toolbox" This is basically a subscription box of bookish things and things to use when you are snuggled up reading. With all the postage and stuff they come to about £20 which I wasn't sure about at first, but now I have the box I personally think it is worth it. With out further ado on with the September box!:

  • First off there is a lovely note from Carrie and a ton of purple tissue paper! 
  • There is a super pretty bookmark (I love collecting bookmarks, I already have a mug full!)
  • 3 candles that smell so nice! I smelling them now trying to work out how they smell; I can't though. They're like flowery maybe vanilla? Its a nice smell, I can tell you that much!
  • For when I am curled up this evening reading my book and contemplating this week's episode of Doctor Who; some Rose and Cardamom Hot Cocoa. I like hot chocolate as much as the next girl but I'm not sure about this flavouring. I will tell you my thoughts next month :)
  • Finally my favourite part. It is a "This book belongs to ______ Carrie's Book Club" stamp and also an ink pad to use it with. (mines blue). The idea of this is that you stamp it in the front of your books so everyone knows who it belongs to. I love the idea of stamping every single 1 of my books but with over 260 I might have to be a bit selective ;)

I am super happy with everything on this box. Thanks so much to Carrie for doing this it is so cool!! I will hopefully be doing another 1 of these next month :)

Speak soon,
Jade xx

#LittleReadathon Update

Hello! It time for that mid-week update I promised... even if its a little late :) Sorry!

I have been pretty busy this week and now I am completely worn out but I did get some reading in and I still have time to read :)

So far I've read:

19pgs of Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks- surprisingly I don't have any thoughts on this yet.
86pgs of Private Peaceful Michael Morpurgo- this is a reread and I am really enjoying it.

Let me know how you are getting along!

Speak soon,
Jade xx

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August Wrap-up

Summer is at an end :( But that means Autumn draws near and Autumn is my favourite season even if it means going back to school :) This has been another successful reading month for me. I read 5 books in August and I thoroughly enjoyed most of them!

Firstly I read Landline by Rainbow Rowell which I completely and utterly adored! It was classic Rainbow but at the same time it was a little different, I found myself so attached to the characters in this book and it made feel so much! As I'm sure you can guess from my gushing I gave it 5 stars!

Next was Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass. This book was awesome and is another 5 star-er! It was so action packed and Celaena was this bad-ass female protagonist but she was still human and still struggled at points- in fact near the end it nearly killed me to see her the way she was!

Then I read Scarlet the sequel to Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I was completely hooked on Cinder from the 1st page and this one did not disappoint! Scarlet starts right where Cinder left off but with an added storyline and though it took me longer to get into it I was still enthralled by the world and the plot twists and I care so much for the characters too- another 5 stars.

Now we get into everything I read for school, first off was The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. I am looking forward to studying this as I think there is much more to it than I got out of just my first reading of it. This 1 is a little lower at 3 stars.

I also read probably around 100pgs of poetry this month too. Poems written by Wilfred Owen, Tennyson, Robert Browning, Keats and a few others but those were the main ones. So of them I liked some I didn't. For example Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote one of my favourite poem- The Kraken and yet none of his other works I've read stood out to me like that; its a very mixed bag.

Finally this month I put myself through Catcher in the Rye, I'm not going into details now but I did not like this book I gave it 1.5 stars and that is mainly because I appreciate it more than I enjoyed it.

This month was the first time I really had to do set reading for school excluding my GCSE texts. It was the first time I was given a list and was told "read some of these for wider reading" and I found it difficult, Great Gatsby I liked. But with Catcher in the Rye I really had to force myself to get it finished and I have never really had that before. I was an odd experience and one I'm sure I'll have again but I loved most the books I read this month and that's the main thing :) Let me know if you have ever had the same problem and how you sort of overcame it I guess, I'm just wondering if there's some odd trick or something.

Speak soon,
Jade xx

Monday, 1 September 2014


Hello! Just a quick post from me today to announce that I will be taking part in the Little Readathon! This is a spur of the moment thing that Catriona from LittleBookOwl on youtube has decided to do. It runs from 1st September to 7th, there aren't really any challenges, you just need to read. Now I am going back to school on Wednesday so I won't read masses but I have Monday and Tuesday to read and hopefully this will help me integrate reading into my everyday routine so I don't stop entirely (that has happened before) I have a loose TBR for this so I may or may not read these but I want to at the moment:
  • Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks
  • Warhorse and Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo (these are both super short reads so are great for readathons).
  • If I get through those I will pick Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson back up  (I abandoned it a few months back) and read a bit of that but I highly doubt that I will finish it.
So those are the books that I am thinking of reading. I will probably do a mid-week update and as usual try and post my progress on twitter and instagram (@jadeling97) To everyone taking part, good luck!

Speak soon,
Jade xx